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¡Arriba! Flex

"¡Arriba!" (Up!) with Alberto Contador.

Client: FLEX
Awarded at the Iberoamerican Advertising Festival, El Sol.
Gold, Integrated Campaign (2012)

Agency: "Sra. Rushmore", Madrid
CD: Ángel Torres, Lucas Paulino
Copywriter: Martín Subercaseaux
Art Director: Sara Alonso
SPOT Direction: Zipi (BLUR)



Flex launched a new product : a matress made of an infrared material that allows your body to renew energy while you are sleeping. For the first time, a brand of matress invites the consumer to GET UP not to LAY DOWN. By June 2012, a globally known cyclist, Alberto Contador, was going to compete in the Tour of France after two years of suspension and after his Tour 2010 Championship taken because of doping allegations. He was going to raise himself again from hell, and give it all. The human being can raise up from everything, and Flex wanted to encourage people to do so. Flex accompanied him during the last stage of the Tour of France, the Tourmalet, a stage of 174 km of mountain ... A lonely one day journey, just Alberto Contador and his demons.