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Last Bucardo - Extinct 2000

Last Bucardo - Extinct 2000


Etching and aquatint on fine arts paper Fabriano Rosapina 285gr.
Printed by Sara Alonso at the Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow, UK.
Limited edition 100.
Paper size: 35x45cm
Image size: 30x17,5cm

Part of series "And they were expulsed from the Garden of Eden"  where I reflect about the effects of human intervention on the environment and how this is linked to the disapearing of animal and plant species in this millenium, leading to the Earth's sixth mass extintction.

15% of the purchase of this print will go to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species


This is a portrait of Celia, the last bucardo.

The Pyrenean ibex (Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica), Spanish common name bucardo, was one of the four subspecies of the Iberian ibex or Iberian wild goat, a species endemic to the Pyrenees. Pyrenean ibex were most common in the Cantabrian Mountains, Southern France, and the northern Pyrenees. This species was common during the Holocene and Upper Pleistocene, during which their morphology, primarily some skulls, of the Pyrenean ibex was found to be larger than other Capra subspecies in southwestern Europe from the same time. Wiped out due to trophy hunting.

In January 2000, the Pyrenean ibex became extinct, however bringing animals back from extinction has since become one of the primary missions of scientists. Following several failed attempts to revive the subspecies through cloning, a living specimen was born in July 2003; however, it died several minutes after birth due to a lung defect.

Species‎: Capra pyrenaica
Known for‎: ‎Being the last of hers species
Nation from‎: ‎Spain

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